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Speak Like a Native

finger in the nose

Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) easy as pie

Not quite ! But that’s another good idiom anyway !

b) extremely simple

April Fool ! I thought I’d get you there. Nope, wrong answer !

c) too easy

You’re not kidding ? April Fool ! Try again !

d) none of the above

Well done ! You’re a smart cookie.

Believe it or not, this is actually a French idiom (Pronounce fine’gueur ine ze nauze). This is why you’ve never heard the Brits or the Americans use it. Carry on using it if you want to amuse them though.

Phrases that Anglophones would actually understand !

with one’s hands tied behind one’s back

as easy as falling off a log

like taking candy from a baby

a no-brainer

plain sailing

a piece of cake

a walk in the park

easy peasy, lemon squeezy


Everyday usage

In English, errrr..... NEVER ! Not seriously anyway.

Mais en français, c’est sûr, on peut le dire, le T-learning, c’est finger in the nose !

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